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Welcome to Tales of STEM Land! This guide is going to provide you with a brief info of how to play the game. Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers here. Keep reading and it should definitely be useful when battling.

Note: Links may contain spoilers.


Main Article: Installation

The installation of this game is pretty simple. You may also try the Online version if you don't want to download any files. Please note that JavaScript and cookies are required.

The basics


  • ENTER: Interact with stairs or NPCs
  • ESC: Open player menu
  • Arrows: Move around
  • SHIFT: Sprint


You may save by these 2 ways:

  1. Press enter and select save.
  2. Look for a save point.


Teleportation to scenes is often done automatically. In some cases such as getting around rooms, it is needed to teleport manually.

For stairs, click on the block next to it on the left or right. In most cases, it should teleport you.

For pads with arrows, click on them and you will be teleported automatically.

NPC Interaction

Some NPCs may approach you automatically, but in most cases you may have to interact manually. Simply click on the NPC or approach them and press enter. The NPC should react to you immediately.


The symbol of the currency is “G”. Players can get 500G as startup cash.


Most NPCs involve conversations. Press enter to skip. For options, use the arrow key to choose and enter key to select.


The game mainly consists of a city world along with the player's house, Science Department, Technology Department, Mathematics Department, Engineering Department and Shop. It should be easy to navigate around as the city is quite small. Clear signage can be seen in each building. Click on the pads to enter.

Game flow

As mentioned above, the game consists of 4 parts. Players have to experience work in all departments under this flow:

Technology > Engineering > Science > Mathematics

In each part, it also consists of 2 main parts: Battle and Quiz.

In the battle, players are required to defeat the boss in each round. They can be seen in articles regarding each department. (More:Battling Guide)

In the quiz, players are required to answer STEM-related questions. The answers of these questions can be obtained through conversations with NPCs.

  • Always purchase weapons from the store. A better guide can be seen in Battling Guide
  • Always pay attention to the dialogue of NPCs. They often contain useful information.
  • Enjoy the game 8-). Report bugs and if you are stuck, feel free to watch Tutorial Video at any time.
  • Some addictional tips that you might refer to.
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