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These are several tips for you to win the Tales of STEM with hand in hand support.

This section contains spoilers.


Before you head to the programming office, purchase a Keyboard first. You should be able to afford one. This is required to defeat Zomputer, the first enemy. When battling, always attack at every round. When the HP is low, guard immediately.


A level 1 drill is highly recommended if you can afford it. This would make it easier, or otherwise, it would be pretty tough to defeat. Always assign your partner a weapon, such as the level 1 drill. When handling multiple enemies, always attempt to kill one of them first to prevent a large amount of damage.


A level 1-2 potion should be more than enough to handle this section. It is highly recommended to purchase level 2 potion (if you bought the level 1 potion for the first round) to prepare for the next section. Assign a weapon to your partner, and try to get as much money as possible.


Here’s the big challenge. A minimum of level 3 equipments are needed or otherwise, it is almost impossible to defeat. Always attempt to kill QubeX (the ORANGE one) first as it is the weakest. When one of your team members is in low HP, heal immediately. Try to use Nimms– it’s extremely useful. Handle them one by one and it would be easy to defeat them. NOTE: A loss of team members is permanent. Therefore you should always heal them when they are in low HP.

Mecha STEM and its troops

As known as the final boss, you are needed to have the level 4 of all Weapons (Calculator, Keyboard, drill and potion), (level 3 maybe barely enough for the battle) although you need a large amount of money, which you may need to perform the exploit or do some grinding, and you will have to hit the enemies in this particular order (Invader R/G/B/Y—>Mecha STEM—>Invader R/G/B/Y—>Invader R/G/B/Y) or else you may be defeated during the course of fighting.

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