Chinese Propaganda

Chinese propaganda won't be new to you if you've been to China. For those who haven't, here's a brief look over China's promotional tactics spreaded around its nation.

Core Values of Socialism (社會主義核心價值觀)

These are values announced by the government in 2012. There are 12 of them:

National values

  • Prosperity (Chinese: 富强; pinyin: fùqiáng)

  • Democracy (Chinese: 民主; pinyin: mínzhǔ)

  • Civility (Chinese: 文明; pinyin: wénmíng)

  • Harmony (Chinese: 和谐; pinyin: héxié)

Social values

  • Freedom (Chinese: 自由; pinyin: zìyóu)

  • Equality (Chinese: 平等; pinyin: píngděng)

  • Justice (Chinese: 公正; pinyin: gōngzhèng)

  • Rule of law (Chinese: 法治; pinyin: fǎzhì)

Individual values

  • Patriotism (Chinese: 爱国; pinyin: àiguó)

  • Dedication (Chinese: 敬业; pinyin: jìngyè)

  • Integrity (Chinese: 诚信; pinyin: chéngxìn)

  • Friendship (Chinese: 友善; pinyin: yǒushàn)

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To promote these values, China has placed multiple posters, banners and signs with these values printed:



Large Displays

Each Values Explained

Apart from propagandas with a list of values, they explain these in detail through a series of posters:


The "democracy" is different from that in western world

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era (習近平新時代中國特色社會主義思想)

There are also posters featuring speech of President Xi. His publications can be seen all around the nation, also in some bookstores overseas.





Propaganda promoted the idea that minds of teenagers should be correctly shaped.


The term "civilized (文明)" is frequently used in China after a series of incident regarding behavior of Chinese tourist overseas.

The box is similar to the purpose of this box in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan

The box on the left drops books while the box on top drops complaints.

It's unsure whether someone really checks these boxes.

National Safety

It's kinda rare to see these but they still appear in China.


China does have a constitution, and there are banners educating the public about them:

Special fight against evil (掃黑除惡專項鬥爭)

This starts in 2018 to fight police corruption and gangs in China.


What about the locals?

They rarely read or comment on these posters. They just see them and walk away.
It's unknown whether these propaganda really worked.