Since 2017, and beyond

Throughout these years Minecraft still remains my favourite game. It's a sandbox blocky game that allows the use of creativity without limits.

KreemaCraft Network (KCN)

Founded in 2017 and running strong till today, this is a creative Minecraft server where players could plan and build their dream cities. Multiple cities have sprung up during the years, from my New Millennium City to the current Night Town.

As of now, KCN serves as the federal body maintaining the operation of different servers. Its focus is more on promoting server safety and an inclusive gaming environment in the community.

Website: kcn.err404notfound.xyz

Night Town (NT)

The main focus of the server is Night Town, which is a combination of modern skyscrapers, sustainable living environment, urban transport planning, and even onto politics and military roleplaying.

This is what makes Minecraft so enjoyable. There are virtually no limitations which allowed the team to plan and build on an empty sandbox from ground up. That also means imaginative concepts on urban livability can be practised, such as cycle lanes.

Roleplaying also played a huge role in NT. Just hop onto GovNT's site and you'll see the dedication to craft an entire nation with its institutions. It is these that gives city buildings additional meaning or culture. The mix of false seriousness and casual gaming also made the game more fun.

Build The Earth HKMU

This is the latest one that popped up in 2020. I've been offering technical assistance from the very beginning of the project, and till now I still manage the server and many of its network infrastructure. This is part of the global Build The Earth project to recreate the planet under a 1:1 scale.

My involvement in this project is rather different. Despite having some builds done over there, (as of now, due to time constraints) most of my contributions are on promotion and technical side.

With years of effort, HKMU team is among the most active teams in the world. The leading acheivements in outreach, collaboration and media appearance are what I'm particularly proud of. The team is more than just gaming and putting blocks together, but with a mission to spread Hong Kong culture and history through Minecraft as a medium. That's in fact the key point of the whole project, with social media having a heavy focus on background of buildings, and also shown in the outreach project bringing education to schools (more on that later).