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== References ==
== References ==
{{NCTS Tsee Yu Line}}
{{NCTS Tsee Yu Line}}
{{NCTS Tsee Yu Line(Branch)}}

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Tsee Yu Line is the very fist line in New Millennium City built by NCTS, operating from Central to Capital South, passing throughFormosa, Swamp and Grass and Spawn Point

Tsee Yu Line
Image of a Tsee Yu Line train
NameTsee Yu Line
TypeHeavy Rail
Commerced1 Nov 2017
Opened5 Nov 2019
Finished8 Sep 2019


Since the developer of NCTS is too lazy, the railway line costs almost a year to finish it.

  • 2019

In Sep of 2019, due to the instability of the server plugin, Wireless Redstone, causing trouble to train caller in every stations in Tsee Yu Line, then replacement work started. Therefore, there is a postponement of the line to 5 Nov 2019.

  • 2020

The expansion work on Tsee Yu Line has been started, expanding into Capital West Industrial Area.


Station Name District Connections
Central Central District Central Line, Benedict Line, Airport Express, Circle Line
Hillcrest Central District Circle Line
Desert West Central District Southern Line
Desert Central Desert District
Formosa Central Formosa District Formosa Line
Spawn Point Revival District Central Line
Orchead Revival District
Tsee Yu Capital South District
Capital South Capital South District Southern Line


ViewEdit Tsee Yu Line
ViewEdit Tsee Yu Line(Branch)
ViewEdit New City Transport Service (NCTS)
Affiliates Willson Parking
System Smart RiderTraincarts
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Urban Lines Tsee Yu Line

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