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Emblem of Millennia
Flag of Millennia
WorldNew Millennium City
Date of Establishment1/9/2018
CapitalNew Millennium City
Official language(s)English, Chinese
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Administrative Divisions
No. of Municipalities2
No. of Prefectures2

Millennia (Chi:創紀國) is the only country in the New Millennium City world. It composes of several major cities, including New Millennium City, Benedict City and Tokkai City. The current president of this country is Terry and the vice president is Max.


The name was taken from the word "Millennium" in New Millennium City before Millennia was founded. Millennia was a district currently named Central District and is then taken as the name of this nation.


Millennia is a parliamentary government and the parliament is located at the City South. The parliament has only one house which a majority of MPs are nominated.

The nation has 7 bureaus governing multiple aspects of the nation. The offices of these bureaus are all located in Southminster.

  • Development Bureau
  • Education Bureau
  • Transport Bureau
  • Environment Bureau
  • Food and Health Bureau
  • Labour and Welfare Bureau
  • Security Bureau

Foreign Relations

The nation has diplomatic relationship with Spurce Peninsula, Night Town and Stardream City.


Millennia is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy. Terry is the monarch and head of state of Millennia. The monarch (formally known as the president) has supreme power over most affairs.

Max is the vice president of Millennia mainly in charge of providing suggestions.

The Millennia Parliament is in charge of proposing and passing bills.

Law enforcement

General Rules and several other global rules are inherited and are effective in Millennia.

Refer to this article for more info.


More: NMC Railway System

Railway is the main way of transport in Millennia with frequent service to multiple destinations. Highways and roads form the transport backbone of the country.