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| [[Elmwood Station|Elmwood]] || [[Central District]] ||
| [[Elmwood Station|Elmwood]] || [[Central District]] ||
| [[Temple Street Station (CMTR)|Temple Street]] || [[Formosa District]] || [[North South Line]], [[New Millennium Line]]
| [[Temple Street Station|Temple Street]] || [[Formosa District]] || [[North South Line]], [[New Millennium Line]]
| [[Sanguk|Sanguk Station]] || [[Formosa District]] || [[Formosa Line]]
| [[Sanguk Station|Sanguk]] || [[Formosa District]] || [[Formosa Line]]
| [[Spawnpoint|Spawnpoint Station (CMTR)]] || [[Revival District]] || [[Tsee Yu Line]]
| [[Spawnpoint Station|Spawnpoint]] || [[Revival District]] || [[Tsee Yu Line]]
| [[Pinnacle Street|Pinnacle Street Station]] || [[Revival District]] ||  
| [[Pinnacle Street Station|Pinnacle Street]] || [[Revival District]] ||  
| Example || Example || Example
| Example || Example || Example

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Central Line
CMTR Central.png
Image of a Central Line train
NameCentral Line
TypeHeavy Rail
CommercedMay 2017
OpenedMay 2017
DepotCentral Depot
Line length3km
Operating Speed70km/h

Central Line is the first railway line in New Millennium City operated by CMTR. The line links the eastern and western parts of the city, including Revival, Temple Street and Central. The line currently serves 6 stations and is planned to be extended to 10 stations. The line is indicated by the colour Material red .

Route Map

Route Description

The line runs from east to west across the city centre and is mostly underground. Due to historical reasons, several sections have unique tunnel design which is a lot smaller than the normal tunnels seen in Circle Line. The line runs above ground in Central Station and goes underground after leaving the station. All stations in this line except Central Station are located underground.

Although not belonging to the same line, Central Express trains run in this line as through train service sometimes, especially during rush hour.


Station Name District Connections
Central Central District Circle Line, Benedict Line, Airport Express, Tsee Yu Line
Elmwood Central District
Temple Street Formosa District North South Line, New Millennium Line
Sanguk Formosa District Formosa Line
Spawnpoint Revival District Tsee Yu Line
Pinnacle Street Revival District
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example


ViewEdit Central Line  
ViewEdit Central Minecart Transit Railway (CMTR)
Affiliates CMTR LRKin Yuen Monorail
System Smart RiderTraincarts
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