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Tools are utilities that you can "bind" to an item so that you can right click and use the tool. To bind a tool, just hold the item that you want to bind the tool to and use one of the commands below.


Tree generation tool

  • /tree [type]
  • /none (to turn off)

Enables the tree generator tool. Right click grass to generate a tree. For a list of possible tree types, check the list of tree types.

Example of some big trees.

Floating tree remover

  • /deltree

Enables the floating tree remover. Right click a log or leaves that are attached to a floating tree to delete the entire thing. The tree cannot be connected to the ground. This tool also works on floating mushrooms.

Block replacer tool

  • /repl <block>
  • /none (to turn off)

With this tool, you can replace right clicked blocks with the block of your wish. Use 0 or "air" if you want to use this tool to remove blocks.

Long range building tool

  • /lrbuild <leftclick> <rightclick>

This tool allows you to place and destroy blocks at a distance. Just aim and click. Blocks are placed as if you right clicked the block. If you set one of the blocks to air, it will instead delete the block you are targeting. {{Since|4.7

Long range wand

  • /farwand

This tool is a combination of the above and the normal selection wand. It works exactly like the normal wand, but with the ability to target far-away blocks.

Cycler tool

  • /cycler

Blocks clicked with this tool will cycle their data value (if supported). For example, right clicking wool with this will cycle through its colors. Right and left clicking can be used to cycle the data "forwards" and "backwards".

Query tool

  • //info

When right clicking a block with this tool, information about the block will be sent to the player. The information shown is in the format "@(x, y, z) #id (name) [data] (light level emitted/light level above)"

Flood fill tool

  • /floodfill <pattern> <range>
  • /flood <pattern> <range>

Starting at the block right clicked, the flood fill tool will recurse through connected blocks as far as range (with the maximum being that of the superpickaxe size limit) and set all blocks of the original type to the specified pattern.

Brush tool

The brush tools allow you to build from far away. See the brushes page for more information.