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WorldEdit has some brush tools that allow you to build and draw from far away. When you enable a brush, it gets bound to your currently held item (use /none to disable). You can have different tools bound to different items.


Sphere brush

  • /brush sphere [-h] <block> [radius]
  • /br s [-h] <block> [radius]
  • /none (to turn off)

Create spheres from far away. The 'h' flag will make the sphere hollow.

Cylinder brush

  • /brush cyl [-h] <block> [radius] [height]}}
  • /br c [-h] <block> [radius] [height]}}
  • /none (to turn off)

Create cylinders from far away. The 'h' flag will make the cylinder hollow.

Clipboard brush

  • /brush clipboard [-a]}}
  • /br copy [-a]}}
  • /none (to turn off)

Choose your clipboard for your brush. The center of the clipboard will be pasted at the block that you build at. Use the -a flag to paste without pasting air. Changing your clipboard will not change the clipboard brush you are using, so you have to rerun this command if you want to update your brush.

Using the clipboard as the brush shape.

Smooth brush

  • /brush smooth [-n] [size] [iterations]}}
  • /none (to turn off)

Use the smoothing brush. This actually uses an area double the size of the one that you specify to smooth the region. Using the n flag will restrict it to natural terrain only.

Replace brush

There are no separate replace brushes. All brushes can use a replace mode.

Use the mask command below to switch any brush to replace mode.

Brush settings


  • /mask [mask]
  • /mask}} (to disable)

Set a mask for the brush commands, allowing you to restrict the list of blocks that will be affected.


  • /size [size]

Change the size of your current brush. (the maximum is 6)