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TrainCarts is a CraftBukkit/Spigot server plugin widely used in KreemaCraft Network. It allows minecarts to link together and run like realistic trains along with redstone signalling systems.

Train Calling System

As trains cannot be placed or controlled using W key, train calling system is usually used to summon trains. It also provides a more realistic experience for users.

In most stations this is done by Wireless Redstone. Simply press the "Call Train" button or the button on a gold block to call train.

How to use

Link Minecarts

They will be linked automatically if 2 Minecarts are placed together.


Trains can run on rails and pressure plates. With TC-Hangrail extension (Currently installed), it is possible for trains to run on iron bars (eg. Kin Yuen Monorail).


Signs can control actions of trains, such as start, stop and spawning.

Commonly Used Signs

Station signs: Allow trains to stop and launch at stations.
Blank Sign.png
<Stopping time(s)>

Note: Direction can be Left/Right/Reverse or Continue. Redstone signal must be placed on the direction where the train departs. Direction is optional.

Train spawn signs: Spawn trains
Blank Sign.png
<Train name>

Note: Train name should be used to specify no. of carts to be spawned(eg. 40 Minecarts- 40m)or train name(eg. M-train. Redstone signal should be placed at the direction where the train spawns.

Launch signs: Speed up/brake trains
Blank Sign.png
<+/- Number>

Note: For Medium/Heavy rails, 150 is recommended to obtain a suitable speed. Direction (eg. Left/Right) is optional but is recommended to launch trains correctly.

Properties: Set train speed/Properties
Blank Sign.png

  • speedlimit: Set Maximum speed for train (Unit: blocks/tick). 1 is recommended for normal trains and 2 is recommended for rapid trains.
  • slowdown: Set whether the train slows down. False: No, True: Yes.
  • owner: Set owner of the train. It can be used to differentiate trains from different lines.
Switcher: Switch levers if the train meets the criteria.
Blank Sign.png

Note: Criteria should be owner: o@<owner> or empty for empty trains. A lever must be placed on the block of the sign.

Example Setup

Train destroyer: Destroys empty trains

It is done by 2 signs: a switcher signs that switches when train is empty and a destroy sign to destroy trains. Destroy.png

Train accelerator: Speed up trains with several signd

This can be done with a properties sign and a launch sign. It instantly speeds up train to operational speed. 700px

Train spawner: Spawns trains

This uses a spawn sign and a launch sign to launch trains. A properties sign can be added to set train type. Spawner1.png


Commands are used to control trains. They usually start with /train or /cart. Commonly used commands:

  • /train save:Save trains
  • /train list:List trains
  • /train destroy:Remove trajns
  • /train claim:Set you to the train owner
  • /train settag:Set train tag
  • /train dest:Set destination


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