Revival District

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Revival District
CityNew Millennium City
Developed Percentage50
BiomePlains and Extreme Hills
Main StationsCMTR Spawnpoint Station, Capital East Station, NCTS Spawnpoint Station
HighwaysM1, M3, M4

Revival District is the first developed district in New Millennium City. It is the smallest district and currently the most developed district in the city. It is currently planned to be a district with commercial buildings and some residential buildings on the edges. Revival District is currently under active development and is aimed to be finished in 2019, according to NMC 2019 plan.


New Millennium Craft Server Era (2017)

Revival District when New Millennium City was part of New Millennium Craft Server was filled with railway stations. There weren't any plannings and buildings in Revival District. However several roads were built in that era which shaped the district, which is Revival Road and Millennium Road. They shape the Revival District and most buildings were built along these two roads.

Redevelopment Era (Mid 2018)

Under the redevelopment Spawn area was first developed. Roads were rebuilt in new standards and buildings like Revival Centre were constructed. This shaped Revival District as a commercial area.

Major areas


The entire area is mainly filled with commercial buildings and offices with some residential buildings, mostly located in the southern part.

Major commercial buildings

Commercial Buildings in Spawn

Estates, Public and Private Housing


The district has a good road and railroad coverage which offers convenient transportation to citizens. Motorway M1 passes through the district and intersects with local roads at Revival Junction.

This district is mostly covered by CMTR LR. Spawn Point Railway Hub offers convenient interchange with multiple lines.

List of Stations

Recreational Facilities

2 main parks, Spawn Park and Pinnacle Park offers a place for citizens to enjoy their spare time. Revival Sports Centre allows citizens to enjoy sports and National Library of Millennia allows citizens to go and read in their spare time.

"Revival" in Pinnacle Park

Institutional Buildings

Municipal Building in Spawn offers services to citizens and allows citizens to submit forms, post mails and use government services.