New Millennium Craft Server

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New Millennium Craft Server
New Millennium Craft Server
Vice OwnerMax
General Information
Date of Establishment17 May 2017
WebsiteClick me
Facebook PageClick me

New Millennium Craft Server (Short Form: NMCS, Chi: 新創紀伺服器) was a Minecraft City server in Hong Kong. It was the previous state of KreemaCraft Network which established on 1 September. Many parts of KreemaCraft Network were inherited from this server, including New Millennium City and a majority of KCN members


Establishment (May)

The server started on May 17, running on a 2GB Minecraft server. The hub and New Millennium City, the city world was created through multiworld. Builders were recruited including Max and Nothing. Friendly joined the server afterwards along with several minigame builders. There were multiple minigames available in NMCS making it a multi gamemode server.

Development (June)

A map error occurred while updating to 1.12 caused multiple builders to leave. Most of them returned and developed railways in the server. Nature Line was built by Nothing along with the old New Millennium City Terminal (currently known as Central Station).

Expanding (July)

Kingdoms gamemode was created which was proposed by VictorXcraft. Players developed in the Kingdoms which evolved into building kingdoms. Players build in an earth map and compete with each other.

Modification (August)

VictorXcraft was banned afterwards due to poor behaviour. Friendly and Max went back to the server developing railways. New Millennium City Airport project started with MaxRail and Friendly Railways building lines to connect the airport.

Reformation (September)

The server reformed into KreemaCraft Network to allow more gamemodes and servers.

Please refer to KreemaCraft Network#History for more.


  • Owner: Terry
  • Vice Owner: Max
  • Builders: VictorXcraft, Nothing, Friendly etc.


KreemaCraft Network and New Millennium Craft Server used the same set of rules which was changed in March 2019.

Refer to this article for more.