New Millennium City

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New Millennium City
NMC logo.png
New Millennium City
WorldNew Millennium City
Number of Districts18
Main Transport CompaniesCMTR, Millennia Transit, NCTS, Link City Railway
No. of Railway Stations10

New Millennium City (Chi: 新創紀城, Short Form:NMC) is the main city of Millennia and a city project in KreemaCraft Network.

The Central Business Area of New Millennium City

It is currently the largest and oldest city project in KreemaCraft Network. The city is currently aimed to provide a good environment for builders and to become one of the best cities in the Minecraft Community.


Early Stage (May 2017-July 2017)

New Millennium City was created in May 2017 along with the old New Millennium Craft Server. Nothing, Max joined started developing in the city during that stage. Several railway lines such as Nature Line and Central Line exists till now. Millennium Road was constructed which shaped the city and become the separation of the northern and southern part.

The old spawn area of NMC

At that time there was no city planning which resulted in a mess. Revival District was filled with railway lines. Buildings were extremely ugly and there weren't any plans on developing a metropolis.

The old Revival Road area of NMC

Expansion Stage (Aug 2017 to Dec 2017)

The city started expanding and more districts were explored. Friendly joined and developed Friendly Railways which was then abandoned. The location of the New Millennium City International Airport was set and several rail links were constructed by Friendly Railways.

The old Airport Station

Redevelopment Stage (Apr 2018 to Jun 2018)

With the help of Max, the city started redevelopment to fix the mess created due to insufficient city planning. Most railway lines were wiped and quality is taken in consideration when building. Buildings such as Blocky Mall and Pennsylvania Walk were constructed near the spawn. Most buildings constructed in this stage existed till now.

The roads and motorways were rebuilt with a better design for better accessibility. Railway lines were redeveloped to improve the overall quality.

Growing Stage (Jul 2018-Now)

More districts are planned in this stage and more buildings were built. CYAR04 and several main builders join the server as reputation was earned through promoting.


Head Developers

Other main developers

Districts and Planning

There are currently 18 planned districts. 5 of them are currently being actively developed.


For positions in Millennia, such as President and Vice President, please refer to this article.


Terry is the current mayor of the city. The mayor is in charge of managing the city and assigning districts, planning railways and roads. This is to ensure that they are planned and built properly. Districts are checked by mayor regularly to ensure that they are developed actively.

Rules and Regulations

Global Rules

As a member of KreemaCraft Network, the world inherits global rules of the network, such as General Rules.

Other Rules

Apart from global rules, the city enforces its on rules, which are:

City Development

Builder System

The city is mainly developed by builders who are assigned to districts. It is currently being developed actively and more districts will be assigned to builders, according to the NMC 2019 plan.

Reports and Plans

The government also actively publishes development plans and reports to notify builders for the upcoming plans.


The city has a network of roads, highways and railways which allows citizens to travel efficiently and rapidly. You may refer to the following articles for more information