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This page is for the recent world of New City. For the New City Server before August 13, 2018, please go to New City Server''.

City Centre of New City
New City
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New City
General Information
Date of EstablishmentDecember 2018
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New City (Chinese: 新城市; pronunciation in Hong Kong Cantonese: [sɐn.siːŋ.si], project name officially the 2019 New City Project, abbreviated form: NEC or NC), is an in-game world hosted by the KreemaCraft Network. New City, established on the Christmas Day of 2018, is found and developed by MonuumaxYT.

New City was the only city project in the New City Server. There is a rapid development since June of 2017. The development greatly declined in August 2018. The world project is now hosted by KreemaCraft Network, while the development teams of worlds in the KreemaCraft Network are interdependent.


The name 'New City' is derived from the name of New City Server. The New City Server was named by joey111, the former server owner of New City Server. New City promotes innovation of architecture and creativity of builders, hence 'New' stands for the new designs, the new styles, the new technologies, and the new ways of thinking. Since the New City Server is a one-world server, the New City Server is also referring to the previous world of New City.

History before Establishment

Handover to KreemaCraft Network

Main topic: History of New City

To gain better experience of private survival for head staff of New City Server, the New City Server was used as 1.13 survival only. The 1.12 New City World project was moved to the KreemaCraft Network in June 2018.

Urban decay

The rapid development of New City started to decline in July 2018. During the summer holiday, which was expected to have a number of active members in the server, was not even close to the expectation.There was nearly no new progresses made in the city. Former owner joeyho111 had then left the world alone without further management.

The situation worsens in September as there was only an average of 15 entries per month to the world in game. There was an urban decay. A week before the Christmas, Joey announced that New City would be unloaded.

Rise of the New Chief

After being inactive for around two months, MonuumaxYT was back again.

Establishment day

Government Structure

New City Government consist of three staff ranks, Chief, Chief of Departments* and Developers. The structure of government is greatly inherited from the New City Server, which was suggested and approved by New City Server governors. New City Government practices mixed ideology, including capitalism and communism.

The Chief owns an absolute power of permissions and world internal and external affairs. Chiefs of Department manage their corresponding responsibilities. Mayors could plan their own region of ownership but the plan must be approved by the Chief or the Government. All members of New City must abide by the rules of KreemaCraft Network.

Staff in accordance with rank:

All KreemaCraft Network global rules are applied to the New City. There are no specific rules for New City yet, due to the fact that the City has been privately enclosed.

Administrative borders

New City is regarded as an in-game world instead of a city inside a world. The capital of New City is City Centre. It is the largest district in New City and is rapidly developed. There are a total of four districts in construction and two more being planned. Here is a list of the districts:

15th Jan 2018, District Plan

Central Mainland 中央大陸

Mayland 美蘭大陸

Inherited Spirit

New City reignites the spirit of New City Server. The project aims to give a comfortable environment to utilize your creativity. It motivates players to play actively.

New City promotes “Renovation and Innovation”, where other than improving the design in the past, moving on to the future is also crucial to the success.