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Minecraft Figure of MonuumaxYT
NicknameMaxwell, Max, MonuumaxYT, MeanMin
RankVice Owner
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MonuumaxYT is the current Vice Owner of KreemaCraft Network and the founder of New City. Before entering KreemaCraft Network, he was known as an architect of city projects in Hong Kong servers.

MonuumaxYT has been active in Minecraft since 2017. He had joined more than 10 city servers and developed his fame until his temporary leave in 2018.


MonuumaxYT started playing Minecraft Java Edition in December, 2016. He joined Project Nazca server in January the next year and met ERR_404NotFound and joeyho111 respectively. He left the server during the Project Nazca Server Civil War and started his journey in KreemaCraft Network and New City.


Before Java

An important influence from MCPE motivated MonuumaxYT to join the Minecraft Java community. He had cumulated experience from MCPE, and then utilized and hence contributed to Hong Kong Minecraft servers.

Early days

MonuumaxYT had joined LuckyCraft server and met LunaLunatic, the current adviser of KreemaCraft Network. He was also interested in different rising types of servers, including creative mode servers like city projects.

Project Nazca Period (Jan 2017 to Jul 2017)

Project Nazca being one of the biggest Hong Kong servers had influenced many current Minecraft servers. After joining PNS, MonuumaxYT had been developing Northtip Island until the breakout of Project Nazca Civil War. 1st May Incident and 1st July Incident made MonuumaxYT leave the server and change his major development site to KreemaCraft Network and New City Server.

In-game businesses

  • MaxRail
  • MaxCafe
  • MeanMin's Hong Kongball Studio
  • Northtip Construction & Designing Office (closed)


KCN House of Owners
New parliament Member of Parliament for Vice Owner
KCN House of Representatives
New parliament Member of Parliament for Vice Owner
Political offices
New creation Vice President of Millennia
Political offices
New creation Vice Owner of KreemaCraft Network
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