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Official Wiki for KreemaCraft Network


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Hello fellows! Welcome to the Kreemapedia. We are a wiki with currently 92 articles and 7 users with the aim to provide information of our server network, KreemaCraft Network.
KreemaCraft Network is a private Minecraft creative server with amazing city projects. You may refer to our website for more information about the server.


We encourage everyone to play a part and contribute to the wiki. Please refer to our Contribution Guide for more info.
Please note that only users with account are allowed to contribute.
Vandalism is not tolerated and will result in an ip ban


  • 6 Jan 2019 Welcome to Kreemapedia! Please refer to Contribution Guide for a list of guides.
  • 12 Jun 2019 Changes has been made on user pages. With reference to policies of other wikis, we have decided that user introduction pages should be separated from user pages. Users may create their own pages freely while the player info page serves as a normal wiki page.
  • 29 Oct 2019 We have obtained permission from Night Town to translate related articles in Synerpedia. License