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KreemaCraft Network
KreemaCraft Network
Vice OwnerMax, Joeyho111
General Information
Date of Establishment1 Sep 2017
WebsiteClick me
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KreemaCraft Network (Short Form: KCN) is a Creative Minecraft Server based in Hong Kong, focusing on city development. It is currently formed by 4 cities- New Millennium City, New City, Stardream City and Night Town. It aims to provide a perfect environment for builders to show off their talents.



The network name is a combination of two words: Kreema and Craft. "Kreema" is an esperanto word which means "Creative"[1](Pronounced "Kre-e-ma"[2]). This stands for our aim which is to provide an environment for builders or players to be creative and create.

As the word KreemaCraft is hard to memorize and pronounce, most players use the short form "KCN" instead.


This section documents a brief history of KreemaCraft Network. For incidents please refer to Major Incidents.

Establishment (Sep 2017- Apr 2018)

The server was founded in September 2017 after being reformed from the old New Millennium Craft Server. The original plan was to establish a BungeeCord Network with different gamemodes which was then changed to be focusing on city Development. Since then the server wasn't actively developed due to technical problems and inactive builders. Everyone in the server developed in New City Server which further worsen the situation. Therefore, the server stopped operating till April 2018.

Revival (Apr 2018-Jun 2018)

Redevelopment plans of New Millennium City was announced. More and more builders joined the server which revived the entire network. More worlds were created and more builders were recuited.

Expansion (Jul 2018-Dec 2018)

The server merged with New City Server during the KCN NCS Merging Day. KreemaCraft Network was temporarily renamed KreemaCraft Server and then back to KreemaCraft Network due to reformation of the server planned in KCS 2019. Starring Server joined KreemaCraft Network during the KCS SDC Merging Day event in October. The network was once expanded again with more builders.

Current Situation

Currently the server is being actively developed by builders from all 3 worlds. More events and projects will be launched, according to KCS 2019 plan.


We Strive for Excellence This motto represents the aim of the server- to create high quality city projects. Everyone in the server should try their best to create high quality contents and contribute to the community.

Core Values

  • Quality over Quantity

We care about the quality of the server and projects and therefore we believe that quality should be considered as the top priority.


Main Server


This section is for global staffs only. For world staffs please refer to the related pages

ViewEdit KreemaCraft Network Staffs
Owner Terry
Vice Owner MaxJoey
Global Admins, Devs Haomai
New Millennium City Staffs
Admins ctb6802
Architect + CYAR04LightShadowYingYuWangNokyumeinana
Architect FlyerVattana5_AveChunq3
Helper lavafoxerexMuel
New City Staffs
Developers ctb6802hoho423IvanHugo
Stardream City Staffs
Admins LightShadowctb6802
Experienced Developers RangerYingYu
Developer HIM_02_09Ice
Night Town Staffs
Owner & Admin MuelYingYuFlyer
Head of Departments CatKhMaxCtb


The Westminster system is adopted in KreemaCraft Network. Parliament of KreemaCraft Network makes decisions on network affairs as well as network staffs. Member of Parliaments are nominated and are divided into 2 houses depending on their position:

ViewEdit Politics of KreemaCraft Network
Parliament of KreemaCraft Network House of OwnersHouse of RepresentativesList of KreemaCraft MPs
Millennia Parliament of MillenniaList of Millennia MPs

Foreign Relationships

KreemaCraft Network establishes relationships with other servers or organizations, including:


The rules are mainly divided into 3 categories: Global Rules, Social Media Rules and World Rules. Each of them take effect in different places.

Global Rules

Global Rules are effective all over the server, including chat groups and in-game.

Social Media Rules

Social Media Rules only take effect in several groups or channels.