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City Centre Capital District
CityNew City
Developed Percentage<10%
BiomePlains, Savanna, Desert

City Centre (中文:市中心; English full name: City Centre of New City Capital District; 中文全名:市中心京城區; Code: CC) is a schemed district in New City, launched by Owner MonuumaxYT on the first day of establishment.


Before establishment

See also: New City Server
City Centre has been so-called the New City[1] in the New City Server. It was the most developed region in New City Server and is considered as the most important part of the New City Server. To prevent losing the originality, New City kept the location of spawn point within the region and named the region City Centre for being the centre of all commercial activities.

Removal of Creations

New City 2019 Project kept most of the intangible configurations from New City Server, like the government structure, the policies, the spirit etc. However, most of the buildings and infrastructure are removed due to the reason of renovation. To improve the quality of the city as a whole, it is needed to replan and rebuild the city.

New City Centre is the only building kept from the New City Server. It is one of the most important buildings as it existed since the month after the establishment of New City Server.

Plan (January) and Developments

A plan of land on a map of City Centre was released on 12 Jan 2019. It is the second map plan made by developers (first is from Mayland).

For plans, please refer to the links below:
New City 2019 Yearly Plan
City Centre Capital District Land Plan (12 Jan Edition)

IRL-Examination Period

Since 2nd of January, many developers are said to be busy due to the heavy workload IRL for examination. City Centre's development had been stopped for a while, till 13th of January.

Official Day for district development

On the sixteenth, New City is opened to all permitted developers for planning and developing. Before that day, Mayland mayor Terry built CMTR HQ in City Centre. This marked the friendly relationship between Mayland, City Centre, and CMTR.


  1. Before the establishment of New City 2019 Project, New City could be defined as the region near the spawn point.