Whitelist is currently active in all KreemaCraft Network servers. As our server is still being developed, it is not open to visitors yet. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

What is a whitelist?

Whitelist is a list which only allows certain members to enter the server. Those not in the list are automatically kicked from the server.

Why whitelist?

This is done to provide a peaceful, quiet and safe environment for our members, staffs and builders to develop the server. Whitelist prevents attacks such as DDoS attacks which keeps our servers safe. A member-only server reduces the workload of staffs which allows everyone to focus on the development.

Who are whitelisted?

All builders and staffs are automatically whitelisted. Certain invited members with special permit are also whitelisted for them to enter and visit.

How can I be whitelisted?

You may apply for a builder or staff rank here. You may also refer to our blog for more information on our opening sessions, which allows visitors to visit the server without being whitelisted.

I am a member/builder/staff, but I am not whitelisted.

Please check if you’re using the correct account or if you’ve entered the correct username. If these doesn’t work, contact our staffs through Facebook Message and we will help you as soon as possible.