New City

New City (Chinese: 新城市; pronunciation in Hong Kong Cantonese: [sɐn.siːŋ.si], project name officially the 2019 New City Project, abbreviated form: NEC or NC), is an in-game world hosted by the KreemaCraft Network. New City, was established on the Christmas Day of 2018.

The City of Innovation


New City was the only project in the previous New City Server. There was a rapid development since June of 2017. The development greatly declined in August 2018. The world project is now hosted by KreemaCraft Network, while the development teams of worlds in the KreemaCraft Network are interdependent.

Inherited Spirit

New City reignites the spirit of the previous New City Server. The project aims to give a comfortable environment to utilize your creativity. It motivates players to play actively.

New City promotes “Renovation and Innovation”, where other than improving the design in the past, moving on to the future is also crucial to the success.