KreemaCraft Network is on Twitter

Our Twitter account is now out providing another platform for players to learn about our latest news. The content of our Twitter account is synchronized with the Facebook page so don’t worry if you’ll miss anything. 我們的Twitter平台已經推出,玩家可以利用這個平台了解我們的最新消息。所有消息會在Twitter和Facebook同步發放,各位不用擔心會錯過任何內容 ? To get notified of our latest info, click the bell and turn on notification. 按下鈴鐺,即可透過通知即時獲得我們的最新資訊。 ? Follow …

Changes on our General Rules

Most of you should have seen our general rules with 13 simple rules. It was introduced in mid 2018 and currently it does not fit what we need currently. In this newer version of General Rules, major changes have been made to introduce more rules. We have also written down all definitions and penalties to …

Message From Server Owner #1

The Hong Kong Minecraft community is always known as messy and players from different sides often have arguments with each other. Today, we’re delighted to announce our willingness to be friendly with other servers with the apology made by LightShadow on behalf of Stardream City to Sero Hui, the owner of Server Azerty for the …

NMC Mass Transit Map

The NMC Mass Transit Map (NMC General Transport Map) of the Jan 2019 has been created, take a look here.

New City has entered KreemaCraft on web!

We proudly present you… the New City webpage! We are now on KreemaCraft Network website. Please visit us by clicking here!

Happy New Year

2019年即將來臨,在此祝各位新年快樂 🙂 P.S. 明天就是開放周最後一天了,記得要來呀! 2019 is coming soon and we wish you all a happy new year. P.S.: Tomorrow is the last day of KCS open week. Remember to come and visit!

3 Days Left for Open Week!

The open week is about to end with only 3 days left. Make sure to come and have a look before it ends! Make sure to check out the IP update

Changes on IP

The domain will probably expire tomorrow so please connect to the server with the new ip: More services can be found on this site.

?Merry Christmas

Happy holidays from KreemaCraft Server!

NMC Transport Map

This is the transport map of all transportation available during the opening week. Come and try them out!