About Us

We Keep the Community Running
Introducing #teamKCN, our Staff team right next to you.


Recently, the quality of the Hong Kong Minecraft community is getting worse as there are more and more low-quality players and servers. Therefore, our team decided to start a server and city projects to maintain the quality of the entire community and set up standards for others to follow.

#teamKCN started with a team in New Millennium City which merged with New City in mid-2018 to create a better environment for high-quality builders and gamers. Stardream City joined us in late 2018 to further enhance our server.

The Staff Team

Our staff team is a combination of several global staffs and local staffs. Global staffs keep the entire network running while local staffs manage the worlds and construction works.

What we do

  • Maintain order of the network.
  • Handling incidents in the network.
  • Prosecuting offenders.

What we provide

  • A harmonious environment for builders & gamers.
  • Services for players.
  • A stable, 24hr Minecraft server for all builders.

Staff Members


Terry is the network owner, owning the server and managing everything in the network.


Max is the vice owner of the network, assisting in external affairs and giving suggestions.

Major Staffs


Joey is also a vice owner, mainly in charge of monitoring quality and urban development.

Whatever good things we build end up building us.

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