Changes on our General Rules

Changes on our General Rules

Most of you should have seen our general rules with 13 simple rules. It was introduced in mid 2018 and currently it does not fit what we need currently. In this newer version of General Rules, major changes have been made to introduce more rules. We have also written down all definitions and penalties to make it less ambiguous.

Here is a summary of all changes. For details, you may refer to the document here.


1. Anti Plagarism rules to prevent plagarism on in-game builds, ImageOnMaps and contents.

2. We have strictened our anti advertisement rules to prevent advertisement acts all over the server.

3. New rules has been introduced to prevent spamming.

4. New rules on staffs to prevent players begging staffs for help or disrespecting staffs.

For more information, please refer to the full documents here.

Rule will be effective starting from 17 March 2019.

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