Port Stephens: Stockton Beach, Worimi, Tomaree

Anna Bay

The gateway to Stockton Beach, the largest moving sand dune in the southern hemisphere. Sand is blown from the coast and is constantly shifting, creating large desert-like dunes that can be over 10 metres high.

Tour operators shuttle tourists into sandboarding spots with 4WD vehicles. There's the modified toyota coaster and couple others. Tyres are slightly deflated to give more traction over soft sand. The sand gives a mostly hard surface but it can be soft at times.

Nearby forest in Worimi Conservation Area sheids off the sand from the inland region

When it rains large puddles are created, which cannot be drained and lead to slight flood like this one

Sand surface can be soft at some parts when dry. Some people will recommend visiting after rain as this gives a harder surface to step on. However, the park is also closed when large rain or storm is forecasted.

Sandboarding is still a fun and affordable activity. Sliding off the soft sand with different postures and slopes add variation to it. All sorts of people are there, from casual sliders to experienced stand-up sliders.

Sandboarding aside, it is still a good photo-taking area, being deep inland away from the coastline.

Down the coast there is a place where tourists go on a camel tour. Nearby are some facilities for beachgoers and bus stop where there is regular public bus linking Port Stephens to Newcastle.

The views over the long coastline is also very astonishing. On days with good visibility places as far as Newcastle can also be seen.

Sunset view of the beach looks way better. Orange shade is portraited on the beach surface creating an unique texture.

The same applies for the beach

Nearby is a viewing deck where the sunset is equally as impressive.

Tomaree National Park

Further north exposes visitors to hidden tranquil beaches near Shoal Bay and Fingal Bay. Despite being just 3hrs away from Sydney, terrain and scenery here feels more similar to north shore (Port Macquarie, Coffs Hbr, Byron Bay, Gold Coast) than the rocky sandstone cliffs near Sydney CBD and south coast.

The northern shore presents calmer beaches which in clear blue skies gives the bluish green ocean, a typical sight of north coast NSW.

The img here is Shoal bay. Nearby areas include Nelson Bay and Salamander Bay.

A nearby hill - Tomaree Mountain gives a panoramic view over the northern coast (Hawks Nest, Tea Garden) as well as Port Stephens.

Nearby beaches are nearly as tranquil, hidden from the built-up areas.

Down south is Fingal Bay where a tombolo links the bay to a nearby island. The tombolo is very hard to cross contrary to what is typically seen in Hong Kong.

Public Transport

The Port Stephens area is served by Port Stephens Coaches. Services originate from Newcastle Interchange hourly towards major population centres, including many tourist attractions in the area.

The bus passes through suburbs in Hamilton, then onto Port of Newcastle and through the Hunter River.

The bus also extends into Newcastle Airport, allowing those catching a flight to use the bus service.