Constantly exploring new lands, new sceneries and new destinations. In nature we connect, admire and appreciate. Hiking is more than just a physical activity to work out, it's a way of life, it's an adventure to the unknown. Within nature, no two places and timings are the same, so there is always something worth visiting, something worth pressing on for.

Photos are not in chronological order.

Hong Kong

Contrary to public beliefs, around 40% of Hong Kong's land is preserved as country parks. From the untouched wilderness to city lookouts, there is always somewhere for everyone to enjoy and spend time in.

Pak Sin Leng

Sharp Peak

Ham Tin / Tai Wan

Mount Johnston

Miu Ko Toi

Sheung Luk Stream

High Junk Peak

Sheung Yeung Shan

Man Cheung Po

Fan Lau

Tai Yuen Stream

Tai Tsum Koi

Leung Tin Au

Lantau Peak

Ninepin Islands

Ung Kong Islands


Sydney is fortunate to be in close proximity to many well-known bushwalking destinations. From soaring cliffs in the Blue Mountains and Royal National Park to calming Port Stephens and Brisbane Waters, there is endless to explore.

Govetts Leap

Mt Banks

Kanangra Walls

Lost World

Berowra Valley

Mt Wondabyne

Megalong Valley

Grand Canyon

Federation Gap

Royal National Park

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Victoria Falls


NSW bushwalks

From the unreal Warrumbungles in the north to Griffith in the south, the vast country of NSW always leads to something different.





Burning Mtn


Barrier Ranges

Other Bushwalks in Australia

Some other occasional bushwalks in other states of Australia, mostly by myself.

Mt Ainslie

Mt Dandenong

Arthur's Seat

Glasshouse Mtns

What you might encounter deep in the bush




Interesting looking plants

Mid-aged men and women

free buses!!

flooded tents

that's yummy!

also very packed buses


haha we need jokes

trash from China

Different types of people all go on hikes. We might have a slightly different purpose but we all cross path and meet somewhere in the bush.

rock scramblers

foreign tourists


press on regardless!

cute not-human animal

We all love cute animals (especially when they are seen wild)


angus beef



Same as everyone else - we all have our first times. It might be something pleasant (and sometimes not), but these first times are still valuable experiences for us.

First ever night walk

was forced to walk in dark due to wrong estimation of time. Felt so scary over the long walk without any light but got used to it since then

First speedboat ride

speedboating to an outlying island for hiking and sightseeing - the ride was really rough, feels more like a rollercoaster

Take a BUS to hikes!

Let's make an environmentally conscious activity more environmentally friendly

A bus in Tai Po

from my home to Sha Tin

NWFB route X9

on the way to Tuen Mun

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