About Me

This page is about ERR_404NotFound, an ICT student and also a Minecraft enthusiast.

My own selfie in MC

Hey there!

Hello, I'm Terry, also known as ERR_404NotFound.
I'm basically a Minecraft, Bus, rail enthusiastic and also a Minecraft builder.
As an ICT student, I sometimes make websites and code simple java & pascal.

My MC Creation
Minecraft Creations

I've been a Minecraft player since 2017. As a sandbox game it allows players to create what they want, I use Minecraft to create city projects and build an ideal city. Click me to learn more.

Websites & Servers

I also run a privately owned server which allows the creation of websites. With Materialize it is simple to create stunning websites. They are all hosted in my private server and you can Click me to learn more.

My website

Contact me

Feel free to get in touch with me at any time. You may contact me through Facebook